Say Hello to Fyora

This is a pic from my fav website. It's This is Fyora the Faerie Queen.

My fav show is totally Winx Club.

Meet JubJub

This is JubJub you see him on the silly BK comercials. Isn't it funny! LOL!

Do you watch Icarly?

You watch Icary don't you. Well if you don't here is how funny this show is. LOL. Sam is the one who is bitting Carly!

Say Hello to Jhudora or die!

Jhudora is my dark faerie friend from Jhudora watches everyone who views this website. I also have a blog elf hiding in the clouds. So if my blog elf tells Jhudora you typed something innappropriate she'll tell me and I tell Fyora to smush you like a grape. Also keep in mind that if I don't send you a thank-you from my leave a messag page Jhudora will do it for me.